A Complete Guide To Bathroom Vanity Upgrade

Home is always supposed to be the place that makes you the happiest when you are around. To cope up with the pressure of every day changing lifestyle hacks and home decor, you may wish to redecorate your place with all the modern amenities to make it look really good. And one of the significant portions of it includes the bathroom decoration. You have to make an informed decision before settling for the bathroom vanity to redo your home base worktops.

Vanities have now become an essential feature of any of the modern bathrooms. Talk about utility and beauty- it has got it all. But you have to get a few concepts cleared and do your research because you start with the work since this is a considerable investment. And since there are chances of the fittings not being correct or the surface not matching up with the aesthetics- why take a risk?

We are here to answer all the questions you might be wondering for long with this complete guide to upgrade your bathroom vanity.

Do you know how to purchase the bathroom vanity?

To begin with, there are ample stores selling an abundant variety of bathroom vanity all around. But you can get only the best, both in terms of material and price.

You have to ask yourself a few questions before you decide on what type of vanity do you actually require. Who are the people using the bathroom (age group and gender) and for how long at regular intervals? Also, how do they use the bathroom? It may be so that the couple residing may need to use the bathroom simultaneously in the rush hours in the morning. The double vanity is the best option in such a case if the bathroom space and your pocket permit.

Keep in mind the utility of it. If you stay alone at home with a comparatively small bathroom space, just settle for a neat and compact single vanity. If you have someone at home who likes to spend hours in front of the mirror, you have to go for a vanity with a lot of countertops.

All you need to do is to keep the purpose and usage of it in mind while selecting a bathroom vanity.

What are the different sizes of bathroom vanities?

Get the knowledge of an average bathroom vanity height, width, and depth. Remember, it should be meeting your comfort zone since you will be using it at regular intervals.

A freestanding bathroom vanity is not tall more than 32 inches. If you have a spacious bathroom, opt for the optimum height vanity- 36 inches to 40 inches tall. Customized cabinets and home base bathroom worktops can be a real space saviour and also look good.

You also have the option to choose from a large variety of wall-hanging vanities. This way, you get to decide how much space you want to leave underneath and use the free space for some other thing. But again, check with the lighting option and placement of your mirrors and doors. It will help you make up your mind.

Where do you want to place your bathroom vanity?

While your bathroom structure is fixed, and you can not change it, you have to take the challenge to select the vanity according to the placement of the door or walls. Few of the thongs you might consider before choosing one of it are –

  1. You do not want to bump into the worktops units when you are using the toilet. So, for the initials, decide whether you wish to have the unit in front of the toilet or by the side of it.
  2. If you are using a separate shower unit with separators and curtains, you have to take care of the shower door so that it does not collide with the unit if it swings.
  3. If the main door to your bathroom is facing inwards, put the unit in a reasonable distance from it. This prevents it from getting stuck every time someone uses the door.
  4. All the essential fitting should be handy in the bathroom and should not be blocked by the vanity. Take care of that.

Instead of drawing a mental picture, get inside your bathroom and measure it with a tape. Check whether your plan is realistic enough!

Choose from the variety of bathroom vanity

Here comes the most challenging part, perhaps. You have to choose from the various beautiful and gorgeous home base bathroom worktops that are available in the market. Some of the popular choices are –

  1. Freestanding vanities: It is a traditional variety and popular among many homeowners. It is just screwed to the wall and is floor mounted.
  2. Floating vanities: It is a space-saving, great choice since it provides an aesthetic and modern look with it. It looks neat and compact while you can use up space below for something else.
  3. Corner vanities: If you are running out of space or do not have the required structure that would support a large or modern vanity, you can go for this type. As the name suggests, it is situated in the corner, gives away ample of storage area without compromising with space and aesthetics of the area. Most importantly, it is flexible.

Apart from this, there are few other things to consider. Some of these are the

Vanities have now become an essential feature of any of the modern bathrooms.

type of sink to settle for or how to install a bathroom vanity.

There is no right or wrong in such decisions. All you need to understand that it should look good, meet your purpose and you should be happy about using it!

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