10 Facts That People Usually Don’t Know About Wikipedia

The biggest online encyclopedia and fifth most visited website in the world are what most of us all know about Wikipedia. And possibly all of us know that Wikipedia is a website but these are not the only facts about Wikipedia. There are a number of other things that people should know about this platform that is important. Here we have listed 10 of such facts.

Wikipedia was created in 2001 when two friends named as Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. They came up with the idea of making a website that could share the information of the world to the world. This website was aimed to explore millions of topics related to everything and to make them be turned into an article for letting other people know about the same.

Initially, the idea was to create the articles by making people from Wikipedia to work on it. This was considered to be an in-house article creation company however sooner than people expected the founders realized that it was not possible for them to get this done and to cover all the topics from the world seemed impossible in even next few years if they worked on it in-house. This was the reason that Wikipedia page creation was announced open for everyone.

Wikipedia currently runs by a non-profit organization that is named as Wikimedia Foundation. This organization uses grants and donations to run this platform and all of its operations are supported by the same which is why the costs of creating a Wikipedia is Zero.

Most people know that it is one of the most visited websites and is fifth in this list but most people do not have an idea about how many users or visitors access the website regularly. Well, the number of users or visitors that come on the website regularly is 40 million. This is an approximate number that has been explored by many of the researches and people.

Have you only accessed Wikipedia in English? Well, possibly most of us have this thought that it has only articles and pages in one language which is not correct. Wikipedia has articles and pages in 200 different languages from all around the world and this is what makes this website to be accessed throughout the world.

The number of pages that Wikipedia has is also a surprise for many people. 29 A million Pages are currently live on a website that shares information about different things of the world. This means that you can explore almost anything and everything on this platform which is the reason that this website has made it to the list of top most visited websites.

The last point has brought me to add one more point that many people do not know. Wikipedia disapproves or deletes controversial topics straightaway. Wikipedia was meant to be an online encyclopedia which meant that people can only get to facts and information about things and opinions and thoughts were not really allowed by this platform. This made them get controversial topics to be removed from the platform.

Referencing is a word that would be known to people who use Wikipedia often. They would know what it is all about but for people who don’t have the idea here is a little description. Wikipedia does not accept everything that is opinion based and thus everything you write on this platform is to be supported by a solid reference. This could be of some reliable website or some press release or anything that is authentic and reliable.

Wikipedia in the recent world has turned out to be one of the content marketing platforms that people prefer. We have seen Wikipedia editing services, page creation services and such others to work on it professionally due to these reasons. It has moved out from being just an online encyclopedia and now people are using it as a content marketing platform. This is what people from the professional field know but everybody obviously does not have an idea about it.

Although, Wikipedia has turned into a content marketing platform one thing that has not changed is that Wikipedia still does not appreciate the marketing or promotional tone in its content. It is one of the things that all people are required to know in order to create a page. The tone of Wikipedia due to this reason is seen to formal and non-promotional and anything that is not in this tone is surely rejected.

These are the 10 facts that are only known by a few people and most of the people have no idea about these things related to Wikipedia.

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