Do You Have Apple Watch? 8 Best Apps to Get Most of It In 2020

Apple never fails to surprise its potential customers with awesome gadgets. One of many, apple watch takes the watch’s technology into the next level. According to the report, more than 5.6 million smartwatches sold in 2019. It is expected that the figure will boost by 10% in 2020.

The reason behind this large number of sales is “VARIOUS FUNCTION”. Apple watches are equipped with multiple options that make your life easy. But, the sad part is that many smartwatch users do not leverage it because they are not aware of to use it properly.

We have shared some top 8 applications that will help you to understand things better. With these apps, you can better manage the task this year.

Let’s have a look at them one by one and how you can leverage it. 

 Top Apple watch’s Application 

If you have not used it yet, then let us tell you that most of the application is paid. You have to pay a certain amount to avail the application.

Now, let’s get started.

  1. Strava: Ride Tracking app 

It is one of the most popular fitness apps that provide necessary details of your workout or any other activity. For this you have to create a strava account, after that, you will access all the services, like:

  • Tracking
  • Jumping counter
  • Calories tracker and much more

You can get the premium version too, that is not costly. It would be around £3. Having premium one have many benefits like you can access mind-blowing features.

  1. Shazam: Best for music lovers 

If you are a music-loving person, then Shazam is for you. All you have to tap on the shazam application, then it will start playing music. The best part is that it can read your music history, and play according to your choice.

You can set genre too, and you can change according to your mood. It is predicted that Shazam comes with more technology that will take music to another level. You can access the entire feature without spending money.

  1. Password: Block unauthorised access 

Privacy plays a crucial role in technology. And it is not limited to computes but apply on watches too. Install this password app and set any code but don’t share with anyone. The unique part is that it comes with two-step verification.

Whenever someone tries to break the code, you will receive the message. And, after the verification, you can reset the password.

  1. Carrot Weather: Get a report about weather 

It is an app that does not use any graphics to provide weather report. You can see various dark colours that will show the weather forecast.

For instance,

If your watch shows blue colour, then it is going to rain. Or in the case of yellow, the weather is sunny.

  1. Citymapper: Track public transport

City-mapper is available on android as well as iOS too. This application is to consider one of the most effective public transport apps. With the help of this, you can easily find out the departure or arriving time of the vehicle.

It has some limitation like it is not available in all regions. So, whenever you install it, make sure the app is working in your area. If it is possible, then you can easily purchase the paid version too. Premium mode may offer you a new function.

  1. Tiny Armies 

For game lovers, you can watch games on apple smartwatch. Tiny Armies is an application that provides games that you can play instantly. Still, it is not offering a variety of games, but maybe in 2020.

The cost of the premium version of Tiny Armies may vary from £1 to £2.

  1. Green Kitchen: A food making app 

Please do not confuse with food ordering applications, but it is not less than that. With Green Kitchen, you can access hundreds of healthy food recipes. You can choose one among them, and it will display on your phone that means it is ready to use.

When you start to follow the steps, then you can set a time. Apple watch will automatically ring whenever you finish the first task. Isn’t it amazing? You can consider it as your roommate or better half.

  1. iTranslate: Convert one language to another 

It is a travelling app; you can use it when you visit a different place. You can translate your language into a preferable one with the help of these apps. Doesn’t it sound too handy? It may be, and it is the reason most of the people are leveraging it.

You can avail the premium version of it at £3 to £4/month. It is costly as compare to others, but provide you with multiple benefits.

If you still not purchase the apple watch, despite having such amazing features, then you are losing something. For the money, you can choose borrowing options, like loans for bad credit people from direct lenders in the UK. They may provide you with instant cash, and you can purchase the apple watch.

These are the top eight applications that can make your apple watch more attractive. Having their premium version can give additional benefits too. Install these fantastic apps and make most out of it this year.

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